Treasure Quest


The Stadium in Olympia, the Staduim in Athens, Greece
© image: Donika Georgieva

The cultural heritage is treasured, because it expands and enriches our experience, prompts real solutions, and prevents us from making mistakes. For example, even in the Antiquity the Greek festivities in honour of the gods envisaged sportive, musical and performance contests. The most glorious were the Olympic Games, which were organized each 4 years in the vicinity of the large temple of ancient god Zeus in the town of Olympia.
The Romans continued this Greek tradition – for example some of the contests, such as chariot races. After the Roman Empire collapsed many Roman traditions were conveyed to Byzantine.
At present international Olympic games are organized each 4 years, which you also anxiously look forward to.
This is how people use the knowledge and experience, gathered during the centuries and develop them further.

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