Treasure Quest


Layout and facade of Hussein Pasha Mosques, Serbia and Montenegro.
© scheme: Velina Pandjarova, Todor Mihailov

The mosque is the devotional religious building of the Muslims.
The round shaped prayer niche, called mihrab occupies the central area of the mosque. It is obligatory for this prayer niche to point in the direction of Mecca – the holy place for pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. The mihrab niche is fully opened to the prayers hall. Another important element is the elevated platform aside of the mihrab. It serves for reading the Koran – the holy book of the Muslims. This platform is called minber. You can recognize the mosque from a distance by its typical graceful tower, called minaret. The balcony situated at the highest section of the minaret is called sherеfe. This is a place, used by the imam to sing to the Muslims that it is time for prayer.

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