Treasure Quest


Layout of the theatre in Epidauros, Greece
© scheme: Velina Pandjarova, Tsvetomir Tsenkov

You already know that the theatres occurred back in Ancient Greece. Originally they were connected mainly with religious cults and beliefs of the people. Most frequently the ancient Greeks selected naturally sloped terrain as a place for constructing the theatre. The major place, where the action took place was the orchestra. In Greece it had a round shape. On one side were the seats for the viewers - theatron, which surrounded the orchestra. It was divided in separate sections, split in between by stairs and surrounding paths, called diazomae, in order to facilitate the viewers’ access. The sectors were called kerkis. On the opposite side of the orchestrat was the skene – the place from which the actors entered the orchestra. The space between the Orhestrat and the Skene was called proskene. The theatres were entered through a beautifully shaped entrance, called parados.

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