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Layout of the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
© scheme: Velina Pandjarova, Todor Mihailov

The ancient Greeks worshipped sports and physical exercises. Most frequently the Stadiums were situated close to the sanctuaries, built to honour their gods.
As you already well know the ancient Greeks were the ones that started the Olympic Games. They were organized for the first time in Olympia in 776 BC. The first stadium dates back to that period. The word stadium comes from stadion – ancient Greek measure for length, equal to 185 meters. Such was the length of the stadiums. The first stadiums were rectangular in shape and had fewer seats, called stands. Later on, during the Roman Empire the stadiums were semi circular in shape, had their parade entry, called triumph arch and special seats – grand stands envisaged for the aristocracy. The place where the athletes had their races was called hippodromes. The start line was made of rectangular pieces of marble.
You may go now the Funfair and play with the stadium in Delphi, Greece.

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