Treasure Quest


Layout and fa?ade of the temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece
© scheme: Velina Pandjarova, Tsvetomir Tsenkov

The temple is placed on a foundation, shaped in three steps. It is called stylobate. The main premise of the temple is called naos and this premise is the one to accommodate the statue of the god or the goddess. In front of the naos there is a narrow entry called pronaos. Behind the naos there is a secret premise, where the gifts left for the deity were collected –opisthodomus. In the most beautiful Greek temples, called periptery, the outer walls of the naos are surrounded by colonade. Its columns end in beautifully crafted elements, called capitals. They take the weight of the roof. On them the Greeks put prettily shaped, colourful relieves, beams, frieze, and cornice. These three parts, joined together were called by the Hellenes epistyle. Above it they had triangular slab, with engraved beautiful relieves, called a pediment. Inside the temple only the priests were allowed, while the rest of the people gathered a in front of its walls.
Now visit the Funfair and put in place the elements of the Parthenon – the temple of Goddess Athens in the Acropolis in Greece and have a look at it.

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