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Layout of the Basilica in Solin, Croatia
© scheme: Velina Pandjarova, Todor Mihailov

You already know that the Christian temples are called churches. In course of time different types of temples have been established.
The most frequent type of church buildings is the basilica. Their layout is rectangular. The inner space, called nave is divided in individual sections by the columns. These sections are called aisles. The main church space is just opposite the entry and is called central nave, while those to the left and to the rights are the side lateral naves. The nave number defines whether the basilica is three-naved or five naved.
The most important and sacred place in the temple is the sanctuary. It is in the bottom and in the Christian churches is obligatory to point to the east. Most frequently the altar ends in semicircular niche, called apse. Nobody else besides the priest of the temple is allowed to enter the sanctuary.

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