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Sofia historic town

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Sofia historic town
Sofia historic town
Sofia historic town


“It grows but does not age” – that is the motto of Sofia, the present-day capital of Bulgaria. A city that changed its name – Serdica, Sredets, Sofia – but never gave up the place it takes – on the crossroads between Asia and Central Europe, between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, where a hot miner spring, a life-giving source, sprouts. In the course of thousands of years Sofia expanded and amassed the wisdom of centuries.
Along the streets of the city one encounters treasures that witnessed its importance in the time of the Roman Empire. The Middle Ages boast the images of remarkable churches – the St. Sophia basilica and St. Petka Samardjiiska (St. Petka of the Saddlers) church; the Byuyuk and Banya Basi mosques.
Modern times have also left their imprint. Remarkable Sofia treasures from the end of the 19th century include the Royal Palace, the first Bulgarian Military Club, the building of the National Assembly, the former State Printing House.
Without doubt, Sofia also boasts valuable landmarks from the 20th century. One can make the rounds of noted public buildings like the Palace of Justice, the Ivan Vazov National Theatre – one of the architectural symbols of the capital, the Central Arcade of Sofia – the first covered market, the Sofia Mineral Baths – home of curative waters, the Saint Cyril and St. Methodius National Library, Sofia University and many others.
Today many buildings of different religions coexist in Sofia. In addition to the medieval churches and mosques, the 20th century saw the erection of the Russian church, St. Nedelya and one of the largest synagogues in Europe. St. Alexander Nevsky Memorial Church shines above the city with its impressive gilded domes.


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