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The Archaeological Park Andautonia

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The Archaeological Park Andautonia
The Archaeological Park Andautonia
The Archaeological Park Andautonia


What: Ancient Town
Where: Croatia, Scitarjevo
When: Rome

The present-day village of Scitarjevo near Zagreb lies on the ruins of the Roman city of Andautonia. In antiquity, it was the urban centre of the broader region around Zagreb. Andautonia was built on the Sava River, on the main Roman road between Sisak and Ptuj (Siscia and Poetovio). Inscriptions from the century show that Andautonia was a major administrative, economic, cultural and religious centre. A section of the main street, paved with stone slabs, was lined with arcades. On the eastern side of the street stood the city baths (thermae), with a semicircular pool, hallways, drains, and a central heating system (hypocausts). Two monumental buildings have been found in a side street west of the main street. The frescoes, mosaics, stone thresholds and heating systems discovered here show that these buildings were very luxurious. The many ceramic and glass vessels, lamps, bronze and silver jewellery, and other everyday objects that have also been discovered here have given us a better picture of this Roman city. During the Great Migration, in the late fourth and early fifth centuries, the city was destroyed.


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