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Plovdiv, the ancient city

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Plovdiv, the ancient city
Plovdiv, the ancient city
Plovdiv, the ancient city


What: Ancient Site
Where: Bulgaria, Plovdiv
When: Rome

In Plovdiv one can feel the power of the Roman Empire even today. The treasures left to us from those times today interlace in the complex system of the living urban organism.

The square, which the Romans called forum, was central to the city. It was a place for trade and public events. Today considerable parts of the Roman forum have survived, which we can see several metres below the contemporary urban level. Nearby one discovers a small covered theatrical building called an Odeon. Don’t wonder if you find stone seats in the basements of some of the large stores along today’s trade street. They were part of the large city stadium of Roman Plovdiv. The stadium is located in the natural crease of the terrain between two hills. And in the numerous underpasses you will pass along real Roman roads and peek into authentic houses and churches.

The most impressive site of Ancient Plovdiv is the Roman theatre, ingrained in the slope of Djambaz Tepe hill. The ancient theatre is a preferred place for many contemporary performers who give concerts and stage plays in the open.


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