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Magura Cave

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Magura Cave
Magura Cave
Magura Cave


What: Ancient Site
Where: Bulgaria, Rabisha, Belogradchik
When: Prehistory

The Magura Cave is a veritable wonder of nature. Its formation began some 15 million years ago. It is one of the largest caves in Bulgaria and constitutes a vast underground labyrinth. Its mysterious galleries are more than two kilometres long. It is worth it to have the courage to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of the cave. Impressive formations will meet your eyes – stalactites, stalagmites, stalactones, dentrites, cave pearls and “cave milk” – and will render you speechless with both their beauty and size.
The Magura was a shelter for people who lived here in prehistoric times. They have left us valuable cave paintings. To pain them on the walls the artists used bat guano and red clay. The pictures reveal cult and hunting scenes, dancing female and male figures, animals, stars, tools and plants. Nearly 700 in number they make the Magura unique in all of South Eastern Europe. These are the only ones of their kind works of art by people who lived three thousand years ago that have been preserved to this day.


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