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Tombul Mosque

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Tombul Mosque
Tombul Mosque
Tombul Mosque


What: Mosque
Where: Bulgaria, Shoumen
When: National Revival / Brankovani

Tombul Mosque is located in the central part of the city of Shoumen. Its real name is Serif Halil Pasa, but because of the round form of its dome it is better known among the population as Tombul (Round) Mosque.
Several more buildings are attached to the Islamic house of worship, which form an inner courtyard. There in the centre you will find a large fountain for ritual washing of the faithful. The water in it is sacred. The religious school called medrese stands at the other end of the yard. It has twelve rooms and a library. Separate small courtyards lead us to the primary school called mektep and the small graveyard at the mosque.
Tombul Mosque is crowned by a 40 m tower – a minaret. From there the Islamics are called to prayer. Inside the mosque is decorated with masterly pictures of plants and geometrical figures. One also finds many inscriptions in Arabic – quotations from the Q’uran, the holy book of the Islamic.


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