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Madara Rider
Madara Rider
Madara Rider


Tangible HeritageTreasure at riskWhat: Ancient Site
Where: Bulgaria, Madara, Shumen
When: Early Middle Ages

In the beginning of 9th century the Madara Rider was carved into a 100-meters-high cliff, which was the principal sacred place of Bulgarians of that time. The rider was created as a symbol of the power and spirit of the young Bulgarian state (founded in 681).
The relief depicts in profile a kingly knight, sitting upright and dignified on the saddle, a helmet on his head and a spear in his right hand. The spear is aimed at a lion, meekly crouching at the horse’s feet. Inscriptions are carved on both sides of the rider, telling of important events in the country that occurred between 705 and 801. Today, the treasure is at risk because of erosion of the rock caused by different factors.

Read more about the treasure at the Unesco World Heritage List.


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