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The highest part of the city in Ancient Greece. This was the location of the temples, the homes of gods. The acropolis was located on a high hill, surrounded with strong walls and solid gates, which protected the people and the temples in case of attack. Access to acropolis was strictly controlled.


The main square in the city centre in Ancient Greece. The agora was surrounded by a frame of beautiful buildings – theatres, temples, houses of prominent citizens, merchants and craftsmen.


A niche in the wall one finds in the National Revival houses in Bulgaria. Most frequently the alafranga was round and richly decorated with murals. A mirror and a vase of flowers were usually placed in it.


A unique sign, which serves as a symbol of an idea.


A holy place dedicated to a god or gods at which believers pray.


A raised platform in a church from which the Bible lesson is read during divine office.


An ancient vessel made of clay or metal. They look like large vases with two handles. Amphorae had a pointed bottom. These were thrust in large boxes filled with sand and were thus used to transport goods with ships.


People who have lived before us.


A high bridge with a water channel. The aqueduct was invented by the Romans. They used it to convey water even in the most distant and inaccessible places.

Archaeological site

A territory in which numerous important remains of ancient cultures have been preserved. Archaeological zones are territories protected by a law.


A science, which studies the life, everyday lifestyle and culture of ancient societies with the help of material remains that have survived to this day.


The art of designing and constructing buildings and facilities, which would perform functions necessary to society. The word architecture is also used to express the characteristic construction style of a building.

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