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You don’t know what certain word means? Look for it here!


All customs and traditions characteristic of a given people.


A matchless, unique work.


The lands closest to the Mediterranean Sea. It encompasses territories on three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.


A group of buildings – church, housing premises, farm buildings and workshops. A monastery is a place for solitude and strict life in complete dedicated to God.


A man who has given up a life of abundance and has dedicated himself to religion.

Monument of culture

A site that is protected by the state because of its exceptional value.


The Muslim house of prayer.

Mural Paintings

Paintings on the walls of a building, most frequently a holy place.


A goddess patroness of arts and science.


The museum is a place where valuable historical, natural and scientific objects, literary works, works of art are kept and are exhibited for the public.


An ancient folk tale about events, gods and heroes the veracity of which cannot be proved.

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