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International Heritage Photografic Experience 2004

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International Heritage Photografic Experience 2004
Here are gathered the works of young photographers, that participated in the International Heritage Photographic Experience in 2004. See also what its’ coordinator Esteve Mach Bosch wants to tell you.

“It is highly likely that your parents or school have taken you to see a historic building. Or that they mean to do so very soon, so that you have a chance to visit a church, a castle, a monastery, a bridge that is over 1000 or 1500 years old, places that have witnessed prayer, happiness and feasts.
When you enter that place you’ll hear the sound of your own footsteps, smell the damp of centuries, feel the chill of the walls… or you’ll discover the mould that the years have deposited on the roofs and the freshness of the moss growing in the shady corners.
But above all, you’ll feel the mystery. A mystery and a very special atmosphere that you can only find in places such as these.
That’s why many like you, thousands throughout Europe, have felt the urge to capture that moment in a photograph……”


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British Council Bulgaria

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