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International Heritage Photografic Experience 2005

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International Heritage Photografic Experience 2005
Here are gathered the works of young photographers, that participated in the International Heritage Photographic Experience in 2005. See also what its’ coordinator Esteve Mach Bosch wants to tell you.

“…..To capture a moment in a photograph, just close one eye and look with the other through the viewfinder of your camera – it’s like a spotlight! You point it where you want and choose what you fancy looking at.
What do you like most? That beam of light falling on a capital? The cypress tree that forms a composition with that tallest of bell towers? The reflection of that row of arches on the placid waters of the river?
You are the artist! Whatever you choose will become your treasure. Nobody else will have noticed it before, but afterwards everyone will delight in your ingenuity and creativity. You go first!
This “Experience” is tasted every year by young people from over 40 countries. Including yours.
The Council of Europe in its role as patron and those of us who are the founders and coordinators from Catalonia would be extremely pleased if you were to take part and delighted to have you in our group from now on.”


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