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My Sea

My Sea

Plunge into the story of Katya Omorchevsak from the Sea school “St. Nicolas” in Burgas, Bulgaria. Look at the beauty of this town through her eyes.

My Sea
by Katya Stoyanova Omorchevska

Each Bulgarian town has its own beauty. Each one has at least one symbol characterizing it. It shows the stages of historical and cultural development of the town. But there is one town that has united in itself many symbols of victory. It is the birthplace of many Bulgarian creators. He still continues to give birth to such people. The people grown up in this town have rich spirit, authors, who have written so many wonderful words for that town – the town of Burgas. This is the starting point of people like the poet Petia Dubarova – a well-known poet, covered by mysticism, tender and sensitive creature with exceptional talent. Inspired by the power and beauty of the sea, she created her consummate works.
The Sea is the most wonderful of all symbols related to Burgas. One who has grown up close to it could never forget it. He will never allow to be erased from his memory the reminiscence of that day, when he first asked the sea for advice. He will remember forever how he stepped timidly barefoot on the sand, approaching the sea. And then, sitting on the shore, he will gaze at this unabated power, trying to communicate with it. Standing, he listens to the rumbling of the sea and he sees in it thousands of other stories of people asking the sea for advice. Their fates are all related to the wonderful sea. For some, the sea is their whole life. You can share with the sea your love to someone and to be sure that it is feeling the same, it has the same feelings, the same love as yours.
Love to your home place never dies. Wherever one is, he feels always related to that place. Everyone keeps deep in himself a part from his home. Some keep the whole sea in their hearts and they are proud of all they have learned from the sea. As the sea could be a good teacher to those who are always eager to learn, those who are striving for life. The sea can help the suffering one, inspires the author to depict himself, his character to all, grown up far away from the sea waves. The sea reveals to the artist the heavenly colors that he could use in his paintings. He shown the guilt to the sinners and tells stories, which life entangles.
Wherever one is, he will never forget the cool breeze early in the morning, while walking on the seashore. Wherever one wants to run away and to hide, he will never forget where he comes from and what he has seen, while speaking ….with the sea.
Ever town has its own beauty. Burgas is the most special to me, as there is my sea.

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