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Ancient City of Nessebar

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Ancient City of Nessebar
Ancient City of Nessebar
Ancient City of Nessebar


Ancient Nessebar, situated on a rocky peninsula in the Black Sea, is more than 3,000 years old, and in it like in a book one can read the most important pages of the history of these lands. However we would also need a diver, as a great part of the ancient city’s territory is today on the sea bottom.
The ancient Thracians were the first to settle here; from their settlement called Mesembria only parts of the fortress walls can be seen today. In 6th century before Christ. The ancient Hellenes turned the city into a flourishing Greek colony – remains form the acropolis and the temple of Apollo have been preserved from that period. In the Middle ages the city was first within the Byzantine empire, and later – part of the Bulgarian kingdom, and developed into an important religious centre. Nessebar churches from that period are remarkable examples of medieval architecture and art. In 19th century Nessebar also lived through the Renaissance uplift, and many new houses were built; their specific timber architecture adds another feature to the unique image of that ancient city.

Read more about the treasure at the Unesco World Heritage List.


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