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Tekke on the Buna River

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Tekke on the Buna River
Tekke on the Buna River
Tekke on the Buna River


What: Cultural Landscape, Mosque
Where: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Blagaj, near Mostar
When: Baroque

The Tekke is located on the source of the river Buna in Blagaj, near Mostar. The ensemble of Blagaj Tekke was built around 1520. The Tekke was erected on the spot where the “good” Evlija disappeared, for whom a special tomb was raised in the turbe. Like in most Tekkes, here as well, there is a musafirhana - a place where sheikhs (head of a Sufi order), the dervishes and other travellers could obtain free overnight lodging. At present are preserved the residential building, the turbe (mausoleum) with two tombs marked by wooden coffins, the remains of the Tekke and the mills on the river. The ensemble is enriched by the natural setting, an important part of the ritual. The rocks and the water near Blagaj Tekke are an inseparable part of this sacred place. The source of the Buna is the most beautiful underground watercourse in this karst region.


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