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Ibrahim Pasa mosque

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Ibrahim Pasa mosque
Ibrahim Pasa mosque
Ibrahim Pasa mosque


What: Mosque
Where: Bulgaria, Razgrad
When: High Middle Ages

Ibrahim Pasa mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in Bulgaria. Bulgarian masters began its construction in the 16th century. The money was provided by the Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasa who was of Greek origin. That is why the mosque bears his name. It is interesting that the foundations of the mosque were built on the roof of a much older building, which one finds deep under ground. The building under the mosque is a regular rectangle, without doors or windows.
As to the very building of the mosque, legend has it that, so that no other place would have such a beautiful place of worship, Ibrahim Pasa decided to have the masters killed after they finished their work. They learnt about his intentions and began to make wooden wings with which to escape. One day the masters put on the completed wings and took flight to the mountains. However, the axes which they had tied to the wings weighed down during the flight and they failed to reach the mountain and salvation.


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