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Ferhadija mosque

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Ferhadija mosque
Ferhadija mosque
Ferhadija mosque


The ensemble of the Ferhad-pasha (Ferhadija) mosque was the central ensemble of the Banja Luka and consisted of: the Ferhad pasha mosque, the Ferhad pasha turbe (built before 1590), the Safi-kaduna turbe (late 17th or early 18th century), the turbe of Ferhad pasha's bajraktars (standard bearers), the fountain, the mosque graveyard and surrounding walls, and the portico.
The mosque was a donation of Ferhad-pasha Sokolovich. The mosque was completed in 1579. There is no written record of the builders who erected the mosque. It is supposed that the foreman of the works was from Istanbul, from the school of Kodza Mimar Sinan.
The only other mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina with similar characteristics is the Gazi Husref-beg mosque in Sarajevo.
All buildings of the ensemble were demolished and razed to the ground in 1993 and all the material removed from the site.


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