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Ghazi Husrev Bey Mosque in Sarajevo

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Ghazi Husrev Bey Mosque in Sarajevo
Ghazi Husrev Bey Mosque in Sarajevo
Ghazi Husrev Bey Mosque in Sarajevo


What: Mosque
Where: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
When: Late Middle Ages

First of all you have to know that in 16th century one of the most important Bosnian governors was Ghazi Husrev Bey. Thanks to him Sarajevo turned into a large town, known all around Europe and far to the East.
Thus, in 1530-31 in Sarajevo the Ghazi Husrev Bey Mosque was raised - the largest mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can see its strong minaret from far away that cannot be seen anywhere else in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When you get closer you will notice that the central dome of the building is much higher then the ones aside. If you try to connect in your mind the tops of the domes with lines you will end up with an equilateral triangle. The interior is richly decorated in the Islamic architecture style.
The architect who built Ghazi Husrev Bey Mosque is unknown. It is assumed however that it is a work of a creator from Hajrudin’s school of architecture. Mimar Hajrudin was predecessor of the famous architect Sinan and also the architect of the Old Bridge in Mostar.


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