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Agushevi Konatsi

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Agushevi Konatsi
Agushevi Konatsi
Agushevi Konatsi


Mogilitsa village is located 25 kilometres south of the city of Smolyan in the mysterious Rhodope Mountains. There time has preserved a unique feudal castle – the Agushevi Konatsi – the only one in South Eastern Europe.
Agushevi Konatsi was built in the middle of the 19th century by Bulgarian master builders for Agus Aga and his three sons. Hence the name it carries today.
“Konak” means a palatial residence, large house. The Agushevi Konatsi was the summer residence of the rich Turkish lord. They consist of a complex of several buildings with different functions, many courtyards, rooms, salons, corridors, tunnels and secret chambers. The Konak is surrounded by a thick wall with defence towers. One of the outer towers is very interesting, not to be found anywhere else in the Rhodopes. It is very high, expanding as it goes upwards. Up there you can see small windows. The interior walls and the eaves of the roof are beautifully painted.


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