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Demir Baba Teke

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Demir Baba Teke
Demir Baba Teke
Demir Baba Teke


Demir Baba Teke is located in the Sboryanovo reserve near the town of Isperih. It was built in the 16th century by the Muslim community known as Aliani or “Ali’s Followers” (the Redheads).
The entire locality is imbued in mystery. To reach the holy place you go down a rocky path. Age-old trees bow above your head and colourful pieces of cloth hang everywhere from their branches. Don’t wonder because tradition has it that you should leave part of your clothes at this sacred place for luck and good health.
At the entrance of Demir Baba Teke you will find a spring with sacred water. To the right you will see a building for visitors called an imaret. And there, at the foot of the yard, you will see a building. This is the tomb of Demir Baba – one of the most popular Muslim saints, having divine powers. The building itself is built on parts of an ancient Thracian rock sanctuary.
The enormous rock to the left of the tomb is one of the most mysterious places. It is believed that it has magical healing powers and visitors who come to this place must lie on it and fill their bodies with new energy.


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