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Ganga folk song

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Ganga folk song
Ganga folk song
Ganga folk song


What: Tradition
Where: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Imotska krajina

The ganga is one of the most representative musical forms of autochthonous folk music from the greater part of the central Dinaric zone, that is, it is characteristic of rural areas of Dalmatian Zagora, Herzegovina and certain areas in Bosnia. It is believed that it originated in Imotska krajina and it has been performed in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the beginning of the 20th century. It is based on archaic structural elements and a multitude of new ones borrowed from so-called lone traveller’s or unison singing with the incorporation of voices imitating the sound of the gusle.
It is sung by both men and women. To be performed, it requires at least three singers – one singer “leads the ganga” and two follow, but the most esteemed technique is with one “leader” and three “followers”. The lyrics of the ganga are changeable and contemporary and often express folk proverbs. It sings of pain, pastime, joy, leisure, happiness, love, it can be aggressive and impetuous, joyful and sorrowful, boorish, but also gentle.


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