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Bosnian cuisine

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Bosnian cuisine
Bosnian cuisine
Bosnian cuisine


What: Tradition
Where: Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina, don’t miss the opportunity to try the tasty local dishes. Those might seem familiar to you. Many of them could be met in other countries of South East Europe. But everywhere the local cooks add some of the spirit of their own birthplaces. You can taste the local dishes – Bosnian pot, prepared with two kinds of meat and many vegetables; cevapi – barbecued minced meat served with a special kind of bread called somun and chopped onion. You shouldn’t miss to try the local sausages called sudzuka and the Bosnian dried ham.
At breakfast you may be offered some of the local pastry dishes with different flavour. Usually, their names come from their stuffing – burek (meat pie), sirnica (cheese pie), zeljanica (spinach and cheese pie), krompirusa (potato pie). If you’re looking for something more interesting then try the klepe - thin dough filled with meat and cooked in salted water. It is served with various sauces.


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