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Fruska gora Monasteries

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Fruska gora Monasteries
Fruska gora Monasteries
Fruska gora Monasteries


Treasure at riskWhat: Cultural Landscape, Orthodox Church
Where: Serbia, Fruska Gora Mountain, Sremska Mitrovica
When: Late Middle Ages

On the Mountain of Fruska Gora, between the river Sava and the Danube, in a relatively small area, five centuries ago a unique group of 35 orthodox monasteries was located. They were built in the period from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Arhchitecture and art works preserved there, express the mixture of Serbian medieval tradition and middle European influences. They were the main school centers of literacy and knowledge. Some first Serbian modern writers and historians lived and worked there. Fifteen of the monasteries have been preserved to the present day: Krusedol, Petkovica, Rakovac, Velika Remeta, Divsa, Novo Hopovo, Staro Hopovo, Jazak, Mala Remeta, Grgeteg, Beocin, Privina Glava, Sisatovac, Kuvezedin, and Vrdnik-Ravanica.


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