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Bridge over the Yantra River

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Bridge over the Yantra River
Bridge over the Yantra River
Bridge over the Yantra River


The bridge spanning Yantra River by the town of Byala is the work of the famous builder Kolyo Ficheto. It was built of stone in 1867 and is all of 267 metres long. They say that it is a technical miracle of its time. During the years of the existence of the bridge, the water dug under the foundations and today this fact puts its stability at risk. There is little decoration but the sculptures of swans, eagles, nymphs and lions guard the legend about its construction.
To this day people tell the tale of how Kolyo Ficheto accepted the commission to build a bridge across the wild waters of the Yantra for a definite period of time and precisely fixed sum of money. He measured the river and built the bridge with quick mastery. That was why he received an order – an award for his work and his word of honour from Mithad Pasha. Numerous churches in Veliko Turnovo, Gabrovo, Dryanovo and Svishtov, which we can also enjoy today, were also the work of the National Revival master.


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