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Barbouta of Veroia

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Barbouta of Veroia
Barbouta of Veroia
Barbouta of Veroia


Veroia, a small town in Northern Greece, not far from the historical city of Thessaloniki. Barbouta is the name of its Jewish quarter. Jews have lived in Veroia since Ancient Times and received St Paul the Apostle when he visited Veroia in the 1st century. The Jewish community grew in the 15th century with the arrival of many Jews from Spain, known as Sefardi Jews.
The Jewish quarter is on the banks of the Tripotamos River. The houses are built in a solid circle around an open courtyard with a Jewish temple, a synagogue, in the centre. There is access only through two gates, which used to be locked at night. The houses were built like this for greater defence and security. Taking a stroll around Barbouta today you will see how picturesquely the houses nestle against each other and how impressively their bay windows and eaves jut out above the street and the steep banks of the river.


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