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Aladza Mosque - site and remains

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Aladza Mosque - site and remains
Aladza Mosque - site and remains
Aladza Mosque - site and remains


According to a sign on a stone plaque which was set above the entrance The Aladza (or ‘Multi-Coloured’) Mosque was built in 1550–51. The ensemble consists of the Aladza Mosque, the turbe (tomb covered by dome) of Ibrahim, son of the founder of the mosque, the funeral sarcophagus of the founder Hasan Nazir, the fountain, old sarcophagus, and the harem with tombstones and a drinking fountain in the courtyard wall.
The glory of Aladza mosque was heard far away for more than its architecture. It had the finest interior decorative stone fittings of all the mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But the most interesting were the beautifully painted walls of the mosque. The paintings covered the spherical surface of the dome, part of the interior walls and the exterior walls beneath the portico.
Today, the beautiful Aladza mosque is destroyed but the site still keeps the memory of its greatness.


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