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Badanj - Palaeolithic Discovery

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Badanj - Palaeolithic Discovery
Badanj - Palaeolithic Discovery
Badanj - Palaeolithic Discovery


What: Ancient Site
Where: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borojevici, near Stolac
When: Prehistory

The archaeological site of Badanj is a shallow semi-cave, hollowed-out in a steep cliff on the right bank of the Bregava river.
In 1976, beneath the thin surface layer were identified two strata of Paleolithic settlement, existing between 13,000 and 2,000 before Christ. A carving was discovered in the rock, which is the oldest on the eastern Adriatic coast. It is cut into the diagonal surface of a large polished, broken off from the stone massif, stone block. It depicts an animal figure (most probably a horse) The drawing, though partially damaged, is of particular significance since as one of the oldest examples of art in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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