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Franciscan Monastery Gorica

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Franciscan Monastery Gorica
Franciscan Monastery Gorica
Franciscan Monastery Gorica


The Franciscan Monastery Gorica is located near the town of Livno, in western Herzegovina. The construction of the monastery started in 1854 and in 1859 it was proclaimed a monastery. Over time, the monastery served numerous and various functions. In the 19th century there was a school for priestsafter that it had been used as military headquarters, prison, military hospital and storage. Most recently, the monastery is restored to its primary spiritual life – it hosts a library, an archaeological and ethnographic museum and an art gallery. The architectural ensemble is comprised of the monastery church dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, the monastery residential building, the old school building and some movable heritage. The history of this monastery is associated with a number of well-known names, certainly including the painter Gabriel Jurki?, a key phenomenon in art at the beginning of the 20th century. The monastery keeps today his rich heritage – about 200 of his paintings, around 6,000 of his studies and sketches, as well as furniture from his studio and his personal items.


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