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The Valley of Thracian Kings

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The Valley of Thracian Kings
The Valley of Thracian Kings
The Valley of Thracian Kings


What: Cultural Landscape, Tomb
Where: Bulgaria, Kazanlak
When: Thracians

The Valley of Thracian Kings is located between the Balkan Range and the Rhodope Mountains. It was named thus because even from the 5th century before Christ it was the cradle of one of the largest state unions of the ancient world – the Odryssae state.
Today one can discover thousands of treasures from that distant time in the mystical valley. The Thracian complex in the Ostrousha tumulus is exceptionally interesting. It consists of five rectangular and one round chamber. The tomb is made of two enormous blocks of rock weighing 60 tonnes.
A Thracian tomb was also discovered in Shoushmanets, consisting of well-made blocks of rock. A solid column supports the ceiling of the central chamber.
One of the largest and richest Thracian tombs is hidden in the Golyamata Kosmatka tumulus. It consists of three rooms in which more than 70 valuable objects made of bronze, silver and gold were discovered. One particularly interesting item is the bronze head of a bearded man with eyes made of semi-precious stones. In the first chamber archaeologists discovered the skeleton of a horse that was sacrificed. A marble door decorated with human figures and ornaments in blue and red was discovered at the entrance of the second chamber. The third chamber, however, proved the most interesting. It is hewn in the rock and is covered with an enormous block of rock. The ritual bed of the ruler is made inside. It is assumed that that was the Thracian King Seuthes III.


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