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Dolmens and rock sanctuaries, Strandzha

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Dolmens and rock sanctuaries, Strandzha
Dolmens and rock sanctuaries, Strandzha
Dolmens and rock sanctuaries, Strandzha


What: Ancient Site
Where: Bulgaria, Strandzha Mountain
When: Prehistory

Strandzha is a mountain shrouded in mystery. Enormous rock slabs peek amidst the thick oak forests. These are actually prehistoric sanctuaries, which scientists call dolmens. They consist of several large stones, so combined by the ancients that they form a small chamber with four walls and a roof. The oldest discovered dolmens date from more than three thousand years ago. One can see them by the villages of Zabernovo and Evrenozovo. The dolmens are temples in which people venerated the sun and the rock from which they are built is a symbol of virility. Belief in the sun god remains deeply preserved to this day in Strandzha. One discovers it in the folk customs and songs.
Some of these ancient rock sanctuaries were later converted into chapels in which one finds healing and strength.


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