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Belintash Thracian sanctuary

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Belintash Thracian sanctuary
Belintash Thracian sanctuary
Belintash Thracian sanctuary


What: Ancient Site
Where: Bulgaria, Asenovgrad
When: Prehistory

Belintash is a Thracian sanctuary rising on the top of a great rock. The name of this treasure means Stone of Knowledge. It is dedicated to one of the gods in which the Thracians believed, Sabasius. One can sense his power if one goes into the Rhodope Mountains, some 30 kilometres away from Assenovgrad. The Thracian tribe of Bessi lived here in antiquity. They chose the monumental location of Belintash for their rituals on certain days of the year. On one of the rock slabs of the sanctuary the Thracians hewed different openings and steps. Fly above the sanctuary in a balloon and you will discover that these openings form a map of the stars. That is so because the Thracians predicted the future by the stars. The engaged in mysterious rituals in which they used fire and wine.
Scholars even suppose that Belintash served as a landing site for space ships.


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