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Diocletianopolis- Hisarya

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Diocletianopolis- Hisarya
Diocletianopolis- Hisarya
Diocletianopolis- Hisarya


What: Ancient Town
Where: Bulgaria, Hisarya
When: Rome

Even in most ancient times the Thracian tribe of Bessi liked the location of todays’ town of Hissar and chose it for their home. According to legend they called it Augusta. In the year 46 the Romans came here. The settlement quickly grew and became known far and wide for the magical power of its curative waters. Emperor Diocletian chose it for his home precisely because of the mineral waters and gave his name to the city- Diocletianopolis.
In the 4th century the city was surrounded with sturdy, nearly 10 meters high fortification walls. Look along the long walls and see many impressive towers. Today one can enter through the ancient gates of Diocletianopolis and find in the interior of the city valuable remnants of the old Roman baths with curative water, the arena of a Roman theatre, the barracks, rich dwellings and public buildings. Open your imagination and see the broad straight streets made by the Romans. They say that in hose ancient times they were decorated with statues of gods and goddesses.


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