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Cherven Fortress

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Cherven Fortress
Cherven Fortress
Cherven Fortress


What: Fortress
Where: Bulgaria, Cherven, Rousse
When: High Middle Ages, Early Middle Ages

Cherven fortress is located near the city of Rousse. It was built in the Middle Ages on a majestic rock. The fortress is naturally protected by deep ravines surrounding it on all sides. 235 rock steps lead to the top.
Up there, in the heart of Cherven, busy life flowed from the 12th to the 14th century. One can see the walls of the thousands of workshops of master smiths, tailors, goldsmiths and potters. One also finds numerous churches and dwellings of merchants and rulers. The citizens of the town at that time numbered 10,000 and Cherven was famous as one of the largest administrative and religious centres.
You must be wondering from where the people used to bring water on this high rock. Experienced master builders managed to connect the spring at the foot of the fortress with the town on the top. You can pass along this secret tunnel even today.


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