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Chiprovtsi carpets

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Chiprovtsi carpets
Chiprovtsi carpets
Chiprovtsi carpets


What: Tradition
Where: Bulgaria, Chiprovtsi

Who has not heard of the skillfully weaved Bulgarian carpets? Some of the most famous among them are the Chiprovtsi carpets. The craft and the secrets of the workmanship have been passed on from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, since ancient times.
The first carpets were called Bakham carpets (after the name of the bakham tree, which grows in the Southern hemisphere, and which is used to obtain red or black dye) or Garibald (after the name of a short overcoat). The carpets featured beige, ochre, scarlet, brown, blue and green. Thanks to their ability to prepare the dyes themselves, using various plants, the masters achieved a unique variety of colours in their carpets. The weavers found inspiration for their masterpieces in nature. In the carpets they wove trees and flowers, animals and birds.
We recognize a Chiprovtsi carpet by the characteristic pattern called karakachka. This is a woven picture of a flying dragon symbolizing the eternal battle between light and dark and good and evil.


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