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Holy Cross Forest

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Holy Cross Forest
Holy Cross Forest
Holy Cross Forest


The Holy Cross Forest is a sacred Christian place in the mystic Rhodope Mountains. People tell how in the faraway 325th year, after adopting the Christian faith, Emperor Constantine decided to build a temple on the holy hill of Golgotha in Jerusalem. During the digging for the foundations, Emperor Constantine’s mother, Empress Helena, found three crosses – that of Christ and of two villains which looked alike. Meanwhile, a funeral procession approached them, and a touch of one of the crosses on the deceased young man brought him back to life. Judicious Christians decided to separate the True Cross in three fragments, so that more people would be able to venerate it. One fragment remained in Jerusalem, the second was sent to Rome and the third, to Constantinople (present-day Istanbul). However, during the late Middle Ages, Bulgarian monks managed to beg from the Sultan the fragment of the True Cross. They put it in an arc and headed for Bulgaria. It was dark and cold and they were suddenly caught in a storm. Abruptly, a light flashed before them. Following the light the monks reached a vast meadow, the weather calmed down as if by a miracle and they were safe.
On this sacred place the believers built a monastery. At a place nearby they hid the arc with the fragment of the True Cross. This is the place we today call the Holy Cross Forest. It keeps the memory of history. The air carries a miraculous power, and curative water comes out from the spring beside the temple. To this day, thousands of believers find a cure for their ailments here.


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