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Cathedral of Jesus' Heart

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Cathedral of Jesus' Heart
Cathedral of Jesus' Heart
Cathedral of Jesus' Heart


The Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart rises high in the very centre of Sarajevo. The building started in the far 1884 and continued for 5 years. The idea for erecting the Cathedral belongs to the archbishop Josip Stadler and the beautiful building is a work of the architect Josip Vancash.
Today, when you stop on the small square of the Christian temple in front of you the high bell towers will reveal. Above the entrance you will notice a big circle window skilfully decorated, called rosette. Can you imagine that its diameter is almost 5 metres? Above the portal there is the sculpture Heart of Jesus. It is made by the Viennese sculptor Hausmann and gives the name of the majestic Cathedral. Now you can enter the temple. The colourful light that will pour on you comes from the beautiful stained glass windows. You will remain breathless before the skilful wood carving works of Ivan Novotny that he made according to sketches by Josip Vancash.


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