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Gluho glamocko kolo

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Gluho glamocko kolo
Gluho glamocko kolo
Gluho glamocko kolo


What: Tradition
Where: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Glamoc

Gluho glamocko kolo is characteristic of a region of western Bosnia, i.e. the area of the Glamoch plain surrounding the town of Glamoc. Talking about this dance, we must also mention the Glamoc folk dress characterised by extensive use of metal accessories, usually coins used to decorate garments. The metal accessories jingle during the dancing creating a characteristic sound.
The gluho glamocko kolo is performed by men and women without instrumental or vocal accompaniment. The dancers form a ring holding hands. The ring leader sets various dance steps, usually consisting of jumps, for the dancers in the ring and shouts out various jokes at the dancers, expecting an equally witty retort. The dancing in the ring would go on for several hours without pause.
Today, this dance is mostly performed by cultural and art societies.


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