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 The Regional Forum Trans-Balkan Cultural Corridor “Greece-Bulgaria-Romania – Shared Heritage and Common European Future (Plovdiv, 16-17 November 2007) is part of a project initiated by the Regional Governor of Plovdiv Region under the EU Communication Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria 2007, and is realised in partnership with the Association for Cultural Tourism. The Forum continuea the ideas and the practical realisation of the commitments of Varna Declaration (2005) and the Opatija Declaration (2006). The project in linked with the project Cultural heritage: education – science – preservation – integrated in tourism (HERITAGE: ESPRIT) by UACEG, NAA, ACT and ICOMOS/Bulgaria, selected by the Ministry of Education and Science Study on National Historic and Culture Legacy as a part of European Cultural Heritage and Advanced Methods for Preserving.

The theme of the Forum is the cultural corridor Eastern Trans-Balkan road. One of the goals the Forum puts forward is to foster the partnership between Greece – Bulgaria and Romania for sustainable development of the cultural heritage, cultural tourism and cultural industry along the Eastern Trans-Balkan road.

An integral part of the Regional Forum in the Exhibition Cultural Corridors and Cultural Heritage of South East Europe, arranged by the Association for Cultural Tourism. It will present the cultural treasures of the region with an accent of those along the in its development and the role of the Eastern Trans-Balkan road and the major cultural values along Eastern Trans-Balkan road.

You may read more about the Regional Forum in Plovdiv and about the Final document in the specialised website Cultural Corridors of South East Europe.



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